Thursday, January 3, 2019

2018 Year in Review


The year kicked off with our vacation to Red River, New Mexico with my husband's side of the family. This was my first family vacation with his side of the family and we made lots of memories. I realized skiing is not for the faint of heart but I can definitely get behind snowy day naps.

Later that month I got to meet Emily Ley at her book signing and celebrated one of the fab 4's (nickname for my four best friends, we've been friends since we were in the fifth grade) engagement party. January also kicked off my last semester of college!


I do miss these sunsets I got to see in the evenings walking to and from class!

February began with a women's retreat at church and a bachelorette party unicorn style in Fredericksburg.

The month ended with my younger sister visiting for the weekend.

March consisted of my friend, Meg's wedding and I turned 27.

In April we celebrated Easter and visited the Arboretum. I wrapped up my last round of midterms and worked on all the school things, basically meaning I spent hours on end at my favorite coffee shop.

Celebrating Easter with my preschool class. I so miss my sweet class!



May was the month of celebrations and ending of seasons! I graduated college (finally!) and celebrated my last day of working at the preschool I've been at for the past 3 years with our end of the year party at my director's house. 

My family and Garrett's family all came to Dallas for my graduation. Such a special day!

It was a bittersweet ending to leave my job. I may or may not have cried leaving my job at Hayes and then had to put on my big girl pants on and move on to the next journey the Lord had for me. I'll forever be grateful for my job there. It was the first place since living in Dallas that I felt like "this is where I'm suppose to be" and was what really inspired me to go back to school to get my degree for teaching.

The month of June began summer and all of its heated glory! We got to go to the last night of the Bethel conference and decided then and there I was going to the full conference in 2019 and bought my ticket for the next year that night. 

Garrett and I got to take a trip to Denver, Colorado! 

We hiked, I realized heights are terrifying, saw lots of wildlife, and got to spend time with the friends we stayed with. Definitely a highlight from the year.

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park while we were there where we had to drive up the giant mountain to get to the top. There were no railings on the road up the mountain and roads were real skinnnny. My palms are sweating just thinking back to it.


But I suppose these views were worth the anxiety... ;)


After our trip to Denver I took a flight straight from Colorado to Tennessee to meet up with my family for another trip. Garrett had to get back to work so it was just me and my family minus my older sister.

I conquered the flight by myself thanks to the movie Wonder that kept me distracted. Such a cute movie!

We did all the Tennessee touristy things. We went to the Grand Ole Opry to see a show, visited the Country Music Hall of Fame museum, and walked up and down Music Row.

I fell in love with Franklin, Tennessee for a second time and vowed if I lived anywhere outside of Texas this could be the place.

July began with a 4th of July celebration and fireworks...


Then a weekend in Austin at my Aunt Juli's house and going out on the boat at the lake... (my Aunts, cousin, sisters, and my mom). I love that this has become an annual trip. This was our second year to do this.

Later in July we went on vacation to Florida with my family and my cousin's family...

Strolling in Seaside.


This month is also when I began my teaching certification program. I began (somewhat) studying for my content test during this vacation but the beach was slightly distracting.

In August I was in my friend, Bianca's wedding. 3 out of 4 of the fab 4 are not officially married ladies! One more wedding this February!

I went to a fun calligraphy class. We got to eat pie and learn how to write pretty. Yes ma'am! 

...and we celebrated 4 years being married at the cutest cafe with the best food.

The cafe is a little hole in the wall in the middle of no where. It's located in a cute little house and they only have one chef (the chef studied culinary in France) and cooks everything from scratch. It has weird hours and is only open certain days and times of the week. The house is surrounded by horses and wide open land. Basically I wanted to ask the chef if I could move in that day. 


See that dressing drizzled on that taco salad, yeah it was pretty much dressing sent straight from heaven. Just when I thought taco meat couldn't be too exciting, I took one bite of this salad and realized I have been eating taco meat wrong all my life. IT WAS SO GOOD. 


September I began substitute teaching, continued working on my teaching certification program, and anxiously awaited fall weather.


We went to a friend's wedding.

In October we Oktoberfested...

I visited home to celebrate my younger sister turning 20


We found out my older sister is pregnant with a baby BOY and my family and I just about lost our minds with excitement. We can't wait to meet baby Lynch May 2019!

November Addie came for our annual Grapevine tree lighting weekend. Every year she comes and stays with us for a few days before Thanksgiving and we shop, eat, and go to the tree lighting in Grapevine. 

She helps me get decorated for Christmas before we leave town for Thanksgiving...

Addie rode with us again this year to West Texas where we go to our cousin's ranch for Thanksgiving. We stopped at Magnolia Market on the way.

I also received the email on our drive there that I officially passed my content test! This was a HUGE blessing and relief to get the news right before Thanksgiving.

Garrett and Addie's hunting adventures while at the ranch...

December came and went in a flash! We traveled back home to Lumberton 3 weekends out of the month. It began with a weekend trip home to go to my friend Haley's wedding shower.

Another weekend home to celebrate our nephew Jamieson's 4th birthday. We got to babysit him while we were home one evening and it happened to be the night Santa came by their house on a firetruck and tosses candy canes. This happens every year in our town back home. I don't know who was more excited, me or Jamieson.


Bright flash smiles are are the best haha.


On the 15th of December we celebrated our engagement anniversary and went on a date to see the movie Home Alone with an orchestra...

I finally received the news that I was placed for student teaching for January 2019!

Then we ended 2018 with another trip back home to celebrate Christmas with our families

Whew! A long post, but full of a so many happy moments! I'm really grateful for this past year. There were so many great memories and moments I know I will remember forever. I am mostly thankful for Garrett, our families, and for being able to create memories with everyone we love. We are not promised tomorrow and for some reason that has really been in the front of my mind lately. I never want to take for granted the blessings the Lord has given me.

Cheers 2018! You will be hard to beat, but I'm so looking forward to what 2019 has in store!

What was your favorite memory from 2018? If you recapped your year, comment the link I would really love to see your recap too!