Monday, March 12, 2018

New Spring Sunnies! Quintessentials by Warby Parker

I am thrilled at the opportunity to help Warby Parker, a brand I love, promote their new spring collection launch, Quintessentials! The collection consists of four new ageless silhouettes that would be perfect for the spring and summer seasons ahead!

Warby Parker's glasses are my favorite brand out there because of the unique styles they have to offer. Even greater than how stylish they are, I love what they stand for the most. 

With every pair of glasses purchased, they give a pair to men/women/children in need. Warby Parker has partnered with 50+ countries to give glasses to people who need them. The cool part - Over 3 million pairs of glasses have been distributed through their "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program! Any company that giving back is the heart of what they do is a company I want to support, and the plus side you get a pair of stylish sunnies or eyeglasses for yourself too!

Here are a few photos of the newest Quintessentials collection starting with one of my personal favorite styles, the Harris. 

Another great feature Warby Parker offers is the "Home Try On" ability. You can select up to 5 frames with free shipping, test them out to see if they fit your every day life for 5 whole days, then send them back and purchase your favorite. 

Warby Parker uses state of the art materials to craft their signature sunglasses frames, premium cellulose acetate, ultra-lightweight titanium, and color-rich stainless steel. With premium lenses (many of which are polarized) that are scratch resistant and provide 100% UV protection... you cannot beat what they have to offer.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's been going on around here lately...

I have lots of photos from the past month or so I need to add to the blog, but lately I've felt a bit uninspired to write on here. I thought over Christmas break I would want to post more since I had more free time on my hands, but I spent a lot of time with family over the break and never hardly opened my computer!

This week was my first week back at work and back in a new semester of college! This is my last semester of college and I couldn't be more pumped to graduate this May! 

Here are a few photos of things happening around here lately...

This week the weather has been FREEZING here in Texas. To people who live in the north and have this kind of weather all the time... I don't know how you do it! I pride myself of loving winter, but the past few days have me aching for a little bit warmer weather. 

The other day when I woke up and checked the weather to see how I should dress that day. I saw it was 14 degrees and it took everything in me not to stay in my warm bed! 

Question! Those of you who are used to these kind of cold temps, do you have any recommendations for dry skin? I have been lathering on lotion, but my skin is still super dry. Mainly my hands I think because I wash them so much at work. 

Monday evening I went to Emily Ley's book signing here in Dallas! When I saw Dallas was one of her book tour stops I knew I definitely wanted to go! I'm so glad I did! Emily seemed just as sweet and down to earth as she does in her books/instagram. I love her heart for simplicity and being intentional with your family and life. 

Last week Garrett and I got back from a trip to Red River, New Mexico with his family. We had a great time. I will hopefully get to a full post about it soon. I took full advantage of my new camera and I have lots of pretty pictures from it. 

This photo above was one of my favorite photos for some reason. I love the scenery in it. 

Prior to Christmas Garrett and I went on a Christmas date. We looked at Christmas lights all over town, went bowling, and ate at our favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory. Date nights are my favorite!

On New Years Eve this year we attended a wedding for some of our friends. The night before the wedding was REALLY cold here in Dallas and everything began to ice over. On New Years Eve there was ice all over DFW and the news was saying to stay off the roads. We hated to miss our friend's wedding so we braved the icy roads. Thankfully we didn't hit any ice on our way there or back. We drove realllllly slow so that helped. I'm so glad we were able to go because the wedding was gorgeous and we had a ton of fun dancing the night away with our friends!

For my work Christmas party my coworkers and I did a painting class at a local place called, Loaded Brushes. It was a lot of fun! I have loved working with these ladies so much the past 2.5 years. They are some of the sweetest people.

Right as 2017 was wrapping up my favorite people, Chip and Joanna, announced she was pregnant! I couldn't believe it. I'm so excited for them! I'll admit I am pretty bummed we won't get to see Joanna's adorable baby bump in any new seasons of Fixer Upper. Hopefully she will keep all of her fan girls happy and give us some updates on social media.

Christmas 2017

Time got away from me over my Christmas break, but I thought I would still update with a few photos from our Christmas day. We woke up early Christmas morning and went to Garrett's family's house to open presents with his mom, dad, brother, my sister in law, and my nephew. Afterwards, we went back to my house (our family's live about 5 mins from each other) and opened presents with my family - my mom, dad, older sister and her husband, and my younger sister... and the dogs too of course! After all the presents were opened we had a late lunch with my family. 

Here is my younger sister, Addie, and her dog Mollie...


My whole family...

The tree at my family's house.

Christmas Eve we decorated gingerbread houses. Mine is the first one.

My older sister Jacqueline and me. 

My mom and me.

Me and Garrett...


My family's dog who we lovingly call Garbage Man (because she is always finding something to get into!)


Christmas morning at Garrett's family's house. My nephew Jamieson opening some gifts from Garrett and I. 


My sister in law Stephanie...

Jamieson checking out his new puzzle.

That wraps up our 2017 Christmas! I am always thankful to spend extra time with family over the holidays and make fun memories with everyone.